why atf exchange?

  • Fund setup cost

    •   Fund incorporation cost is covered by ATF Exchange
  • Infrastructure cost

    •   Legal, compliance cost is covered by ATF Exchange
  • Operational cost

    •   No physical office required, no back/middle/front office required
  • Client scope 

    •   ATF Managed Account Platform does not place limits on money managers with respect to number of accounts and sizes which may be aggregated and managed as a single account
    •   ATF Exchange has a dedicated sales team whose primary responsibility is allocating assets to ATF managed accounts on the platform
    • ATF Exchange is an electronic exchange that targets clients globally
  • Аsset classes covered

    •   ATF Managed Account Platform covers over 100 exchanges worldwide and gives access to US and foreign equities, futures, bonds, options and forex (through Interactive Brokers)
  • Straightforward profit sharing

    •   ATF money managers will enter into agreed upon terms pursuant to an investment management agreement. Managers will only pay a percentage of the management fee to ATF Exchange for overhead costs

*The use of word "Fund" does not imply a pooled investment vehicle and is used herein merely to refer to a brokerage account, portfolio or strategy managed by money manager and maintained by the ATF Exchange Managed Account Platform. As a result, ATF Exchange is not subject to the marketing restrictions imposed on by private fund managers. ATF Exchange is a managed account platform. Money manager personal brokerage account is referred to as the Fund. Clients can attach/detach personal brokerage account to/from the Fund at any time. When attached, all trades executed in the Fund by the money manager will be mirrored in the client brokerage account automatically. Mirrored means that when money manager trades financial instrument in the Fund, identical financial instruments (or similar proxies) will be traded in clients' brokerage accounts. The ability for ATF Exchange to mirror accounts prevents allocation issues. In some cases, at ATF Exchange's discretion, instead of a money manager managing his or her own account, such money manager may also have the option to manage ATF Exchange special account (or Fund) funded by ATF Exchange.

Liquidity – clients can attach/detach personal brokerage account to/from the Fund at any time during the business hours of the respective exchange.

Transparency – clients are able to see revaluation of their brokerage account in ATF Client Platform on a real time basis.

Management fee splitting – money manager sets the management fee level (up to 2%) and earns 50%-90% of this amount. ATF Exchange keeps 10%-50% for its services. The amount we keep depends on historical performance and assets under management. For qualified clients money manager keeps 100% of the performance fee.

More information on the managed account platform can be found in FAQ section



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